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Why Do Agencies Prefer BTC Collaboration?
Saving Time
Car rental options for your customers' needs
within minutes without leaving your desk with
the advanced agency panel system.
Anywhere You Want
Special solutions for the needs of your
customers with our dealer and supplier network
at 81 points in Turkey.
Win-Win Approach
While supporting your customers with your
reliable business partner BTC in their car rental
needs, you also get financial gain per
reservation you send.
You Are In Control
Let all the management be in your hands with
the authorization systems specific to your
institution. Define goals, rights and entitlements
to your employees.
What Does Being A BTC Agent Gain You?
We care about the happiness of our business partners as much as the happiness of our customers. We offer special solutions to our agencies with our developed products and service infrastructure. We are here to be your partner in car rental and establish a strong business partnership with our applications that save time and increase your business efficiency.
Friendship and Loyalty
BTC Rent A Car has adopted the principle of
friendship and loyalty towards its agents. Even if
the customer who comes to BTC Rent A Car for
the first time through the agency does not come through the agency in the next rentals, the reservation is recorded as if it came from the
agency, and the profit continues.
Business Growth
BTC Agencies support your agency to
grow its commercial volume thanks to
the commercial income from car rental
reservations and the commercial
income from potential flight or holiday
travel customers directed by BTC Rent A Car.
Social Rights
BTC Rent A Car reminds its contracted agents
that it is always there for you with surprises and
opportunities on their special days. In addition,
agency employees and their first-degree relatives
can benefit from our car rental service
at special prices.
While BTC Rent A Car contributes to the
development of the business of its agencies with
its technological solutions, it helps to take your
agency one step further in the digitalized world
with its easy-to-use and practical interface. It
supports your corporate growth by expanding
your business volume.
Would you like to be our agency?
Join a fast growing company and be a part of our success story now!
You can contact us by filling out our Application Form.
Agency Application
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